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Links to some of my web sites

Extensive Networks is my primary business which provides technical support services to student housing facilities and other multi-dwelling units throughout the country. 
AirBlaster Internet Services started life as an over-the-air residential Internet provider and has morphed into a provider of point-to-point and other specialty Internet services, primarily focused on Wide Area Networks.   
AirBlaster Wireless Networks provides network services focused on the Local Area Networks, such as wireless connections within a business or home.  
Went Postal focuses on providing email services and other web services aimed at small businesses and individuals. 
Email4Schools provides email services specifically designed for K-12 schools. It is a federally registered E-Rate provider through the Universal Service Fund. 
Climb The Rockies is a video trail guide to some of the highest mountains in Colorado. After I left Daniels & Associates, I took some time off and pursued two of my interests, mountain climbing and video production.This web site includes free on-line video links to 20 mountains reaching at least 14,000 feet, the 14'ers. 
DecoPhones was developed as a web-based business for my kids to operate. We buy old Western Electric model 302 telephones (the I Love Lucy phone) off of eBay, refurbish and rewire them with new phone cords and parts, polish them and resell them on the web site.  
N2WebApps is a web site that provides "cloud applications" rather than programs that reside on your computer or server. There are a number of open source (free) business applications that are just as robust as full-priced applications. This web site delivers low-cost, web-based application hosting for open-source software. 
HogStopper is a web site for the NetEqualizer bandwidth management appliance. Bandwidth management is a key component of managing a network and the NetEqualizer does this in a very ingenious and inexpensive way.  
Tommy Prozach is a fictional celebrity who sends out autographed photos to local bars and restaurants simply to bring a smile to those who see his displayed photo. Browse this web site and you too can be "in" on the joke. Please let me know when and where you see Tommy's photo displayed. is the web site for the "20 Is Plenty" campaign, which encourages drivers to slow down in residential neighborhoods. I founded and developed this campaign to get drivers in my neighborhood to "Go Slower". The program has proven to be successful because it actively involves individuals within a neighborhood by getting their approval to install a simple yard sign. Driving through a neighborhood with a hundred signs asking drivers to slow down sends a very powerful message. It works. 
Elvis' 6th Grade Report Card is a piece of memorabilia that I have used to teach a lesson to my kids. In 1999, I purchased the report card at an auction sanctioned by Elvis Presley Enterprises. Elvis received D's in Arithmetic and Geography but ended up with an A in music. The lesson is that you don't have to be excellent at everything, but you need to be excellent at something. 



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